What is Dataset in Datastage? Uses of Dataset ?

Dataset is file stage, which is used for staging the data when we design dependent jobs.
Dataset Supports 1 input link or 1 Output link and there will be no reject links in dataset stage.
Dataset will overcome the Limitations of Sequential Stage
By Default Dataset will processed parallely.
Dataset will stores the data in the Native Format.
Dataset will stores the data inside Repository ( i.e inside Datastage)

And It has memory of more than 2 GB ( > 2GB)

There are Two types of Datasets. They are

1) Virtual And
2) Persistance

Virtual is noting but the data formed when passing the link.
Persistance is nothing but the data loaded in the Target.

Alias names of Datasets are

1) Orchestrate File
2) Operating System file

And Dataset is multiple files. They are
a) Descriptor File
b) Data File
c) Control file
d) Header Files

In Descriptor File, we can see the Schema details and address of data.
In Data File, we can see the data in Native format.
And Control and Header files resides in Operating System.

And we can organize the data by using Dataset Utilities
They are

GUI( Dataset Management ) in Windows environment.
CMD ( Orchadmin) in Unix Environment.